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June 2018

Join our free introduction to the Lean Startup approach

Hosted by Reagan Pannell, MBB

90 mins session with Q&A

“The ability to learn faster from customers is the essential competitive advantage that startups must possess.” – Eric Ries

About the webinar

Our Lean Startup Webinar is a Free 90 min session for those interested in learning more about our Lean Startup 2 Day training course.

It’s designed to give you a taster of the material covered and provide an equally important Q&A session where we cover the course and perhaps other Lean Startup concepts.

The session is split into a 45 mins course overview followed by 45 mins Q&A session.

Spaces are limited and on a first come first served basis.

Bonus material:

– Access our Lean Startup Beta Training Portal
– Direct access to our Slack Group

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Tue. 19th June
1pm (UTC – 5) Eastern Time
6pm (UTC+0) UK Time


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You can register for the webinar below.

You can register for the webinar below.