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We are an international lean management consultancy designed to tap into the innate potential of organisations - transforming you into the businesses that not only survive in a world of constant change, but thrive.

Our Lean Management Consultancy helps transform business and drive bottom line results

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We provide a complete suite of consultancy services that use expert application of the proven Lean Six Sigma managerial principles. Over the course of twelve years, CEO of Leanscape Reagan Pannell has successfully implemented lean managerial principles for global, blue-chip organisations across a diverse range of professional contexts: from creating consultancy projects linked to concrete returns on investment, establishing long-term organisational growth through international executive training programmes, and planning leadership development workshops that equip individuals with the essential managerial skills required to survive, thrive and lead.

Example returns delivered to our clients across a wide range of sectors and services

  • $10M Cost Improvement

    A total of $10M in year savings were identified through a company-wide lean six sigma program with a total of 3 training sessions and 35 candidates

  • $1.5M Productivity Improvement

    By modeling demand and optimizing resource requirements a 30% improvement in productivity was identified for leading UK financial institute.

  • 20% Capacity Improvement

    Through waste elimination and end to end process optimisation, we created 25% capacity for growth across a central service for a global pharmaceutical customer

  • $125K Savings identified via Preventative Maintenance

    One candidate identified a over $100K by introducing a preventative maintenance program for key machinery

  • $70K Saving due to reduction in process time

    A single Green Belt candidate reduced the process cycle time by 65% for a government application process saving 10 days of delays.

  • $4M Delivered through Employee Suggestion Scheme

    With an introduction of a tested employee engagement scheme, over $4M of savings were identified across a business in the Middle East.

Discover what savings you can make with our Lean approach

What is Lean?

Leanscape is a consultancy founded on the principle competencies associated with the proven methodologies of Lean Six Sigma. However, it is also much more than that. We combine a lean management approach with over a decade of professional experience in their application to real-life contexts — meaning we know exactly how to enable an organisation to optimise performance, make use of fewer resources, form more efficient business processes, cut waste and reduce costs — all the while creating more value for your clients.


Companies with lean principles at their core form some of the world’s most successful businesses today. This is because they are able to adapt to change more easily, with fewer links separating their executives, operations and outputs. Furthermore, they are trained to identify opportunities and evolve faster. The result is that organisations who now lack these skills are rendered obsolete faster than ever before.


Our approach to Lean Six Sigma means we not only implement highly effective techniques for short-term organisational growth — we focus on developing a mindset that defines the leaders of tomorrow. These are the individuals who do not perceive change as a challenge, but who understand that continual transformation is now the key to constantly creating value in today’s world.


How can we help you?


    We link our corporate solutions to tangible return on investment — whether in specific consultancy projects or team training with project-based returns. View our case studies to see the great variety of results our Lean Six Sigma programmes are able to effect.


    We provide tailored professional training programmes for corporates to equip your executives with the accredited Lean Six Sigma qualifications, from entry executive through to senior leadership. This empowers individuals at every level of your organisation to create value and improve efficiencies — and so enhances your in-house capabilities and creates long-term transformation from the inside out.


    The most powerful element of our approach to executive training goes beyond methods and skills — it comes from developing a leadership mindset. Leanscape taps into the full potential inherent within organisations and individuals by engaging you in a process that will transform the way you think about business in the modern world. This is our key to creating lasting professional success that does not fade with time.

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    If you would like to find out more about our Lean Consultancy services or our tailored Lean Six Sigma training and mentoring services, please get in touch.

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