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Programs that transform professional executives into competent leaders. We provide the full suite of accredited Lean Six Sigma courses online through engaging videos, hands-on activities, interactive materials and live webinars - the very same leadership courses we deliver in-person at the international headquarters of some of the world's leading organisations.

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The Lean Academy & Lean Training

Following the successful implementation of Lean Management solutions across diverse consulting activities (including producing tangible financial results such as return on investment across global contexts and numerous corporate sectors), Reagan Pannell has established engaging professional training programmes that transform organisations from the inside out.

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Through equipping executive teams with the critical skills required to focus on value creation, improve efficiencies through process-thinking, optimise performance and identify opportunities for future growth, the Leanscape Academy empowers individuals at every level of an organisation to provide value and instigate lasting change. It is these capabilities that define the world’s most successful companies today.

Through engaging professional training, Reagan has been able to implement lasting change by equipping in-house teams with the critical abilities to focus on the creation of value, improve efficiencies of processes, optimise performance and identify opportunities for growth. These skills enable executives at every level of an organisation to provide value and to instigate change – and they are at the core of the world’s most successful companies today.

Whether you are the head of an organisation looking to enhance the leadership and resilience of your company, a corporate looking to survive a specific business problem in a period of rapid change, or a solo professional executive that wants to accelerate your professional career, the Lean Academy was designed to train not only highly accredited executives – but to develop the next generation of leaders.


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We offer fully accredited Lean Six Sigma certification for companies & individuals to recognise their achievements.

Accredited Lean Six Sigma Certification Online

Our Online Lean Training Courses

Lean Academy for Business

Lean Training Solutions and Lean Certification

Our Lean Academy (www.academy,leanscape.io) is a bespoke Learning Management System that allows us to offer individual access and tailored training courses for large groups. We can help manage the student progress throughout the course, mass enrol your colleagues and provide progress reporting to ensure a seamless experience.

Designed around either one-off or a simply monthly user fee, reach out to us and learn how we can create a tailored business improvement training course designed for your business.

The Lean Academy from LeanScape

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Meet Your Lead Instructor

Reagan Pannell, Founder of Leanscape

Reagan has over 15 years of experience within change-management programs for blue-chip organisations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Reagan believes that while theory takes us far in our understanding of business, the real challenge comes from taking people on a journey in order to drive last changing. Leanscape was designed to do both.

The lean approach to doing business is one thing – but knowing where and how to create value in life is another. Reagan’s vision was to create an online training academy based on his consultancy expertise that would provide far more than techniques for efficiency – it would connect individuals to what defines the mindsets of leaders.


What is the Lean Academy?

We are a fully certified online Lean Six Sigma training provider. Our academy enables us to open up to an expanded network the same quality of leadership training programmes we provide for international blue-chip organisations around the world. Lean Management emphasises unlocking new problem-solving capabilities in order to solve complex business situations through tried and tested Lean Six Sigma methods.

These methods are able to be taught to individuals that wish to assimilate them. Across the world today — right through from large corporations to NGOs, the public sector and small to medium-sized businesses — there are no shortages of challenges. We believe fundamentally that the application of Lean Six Sigma methods can solve these challenges and provide benefits across every business sector — because we do not just give you one-off solutions, we give you the analytical and critical thinking skills to solve and lead yourself. We continue to use Lean Management principles every working day — and we hope you will too!

Accredited Lean Six Sigma Certification Online

Leancape’s Founder, Reagan Pannell is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and able to offer Accredited Lean Six Sigma Certification Online via the Lean Academy. The courses combine both theory and practical implementation to ensure everyone is not only able to understand the tools, but able to manage projects, delivery improvements and have the practical experience to actually make a difference.

This approach of self-direct project-based learning creates strong professionals, exceptional leaders and world-class change professionals.

How does the Lean Academy work?

We provide you with a practical understanding of the Lean Six Sigma approach and methodology through our online course materials, video content, hands-on activities and live webinars. These courses are available for purchase by individuals and as a set of group executive trainings for corporates. We train corporates through our online academy and through our in-person at our workshops (https://www.leanscape.io/lean-workshops/).

We provide you with internationally recognised certification at each level of your training. Our physical workshops and online courses are action-oriented and taught by our chief Lean Six Sigma trainer, Reagan Pannell. This means you will learn with direct access to a professional consultant where you will be seeing, trying, sharing and reflecting on the key tools, methods and change management challenges, that all businesses face in the world today.

Can I try before I purchase?

We offer the foundational concepts of Lean Six Sigma to all interested participants in our introductory module free of charge. Following the completion of advanced Lean Six Sigma training, you will be able to identify and deconstruct problems to deliver sustainable solutions through the concepts and methods introduced to you in this module. Furthermore, you will be able to progress to a formal qualification of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt right away.

How do I sign up and pay for this course?

Simply visit our online academy at academy.leanscape.io where you will be directed to register an account on our training platform, hosted by Thinkific. Once you are registered, follow the instructions for the course you wish to take and you will be prompted to enroll and make payment online.

If you are purchasing executive training for corporate groups, or your company is sponsoring you and you need an invoice, please email academy@leanscape.io.

How do I purchase more than one seat for a team?

We currently require learners looking to purchase more than one seat for our lean courses to let us know by emailing academy@leanscape.io and we will take care of the process of payment and enrolling you.

Do I need previous Lean Six Sigma experience?

The Leanscape Academy offers Lean Six Sigma training at all levels, including those with no prior accreditations. Each course is published on academy.leanscape.io clearly details any prerequisite. But don’t worry, all courses are available online.

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