Best Lean Six Sigma Study Books

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Best Lean Six Sigma Study Books


Today you can find a large selection of books targetting Lean Six Certifications from yellow belt through to green belt and finally to black belt. Many however are so technical that they even put off good statisticians and there is a fine balance between learning enough statistics to have the tools ready when needed and providing the right learning support for projects and certifications.

Through feedback from candidates, talking to other specialists and an ever-growing bookshelf, we have tried to compile below a key list of books which provide the right balance and organised where possible based on the various certification levels. A number of books on this list are general introductions which we feel should be read by everyone and some may be duplicated from previous pages as well.


General Lean Six Sigma Books

1 - Lean Thinking - Banish Waste And Create Wealth In Your Corporation

by Womack & Jones

While many refer to The Machine That Changed the World as the foundation of the Lean Revolution, I would still, without doubt, recommend Lean Thinking as the best introduction to Lean. It’s more accessible and while written initial in 1996, it was updated in 2002. The examples throughout the book remain meaningful and its a great mind opener for the world of lean. Definitely, the best introductory read for anyone interested in learning more about lean.

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2 - Lean Solutions: How Companies and Customers Can Create Value and Wealth Together

by Womack & Jones

After Lean Thinking, Lean Solution is a great book that takes Lean thinking to the next level and begins to review actual industries and identifying the gap between customers and providers. With greater choice and greater flexibility, it highlights how providers need to be adding greater and greater value to customers.  There is a great chapter on the automotive sector which has almost become visionary.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Level

The Lean Toolbox: The Essential Guide to Lean Transformation

by John Bicheno & Matthias Holweg

This is not a book you pick up and read for the beginning to end, but something you delve into as you need to or when you a particular questions. It covers the tools, system, and principles of Lean. While it covers the tools with excellent examples that are well written, it also covers The Lean Philosophy and discusses a number of Lean Transformation frameworks for organizations. I reviewed this against the 4th Edition which I own.

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Learning to See: Value Stream Mapping to Add Value and Eliminate Muda

by Mike Rother

This is not a book you are going to read from start to end. Its more a step by step guide on how to value stream. If you are going to do any value stream, I would suggest that this is read in advance and kept by your side during the sessions. It’s a great resource to help and will help get a much better result.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level

Lean Six Sigma and Minitab (5th Edition): The Complete Toolbox Guide for Business Improvement

by Quentin Brook

Now, WARNING, this is a technical book which I would recommend for anyone doing their Green Belt or Black Belt training and particularly useful for candidates who are running DMAIC project. The book is structured around DMAIC and with the practical examples, downloadable data sets recently updated screenshots from Minitab, its a great companion.

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