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Our Lean Masterclass Series

Gain a practical understanding of the Lean Six Sigma approach through our Foundations in Lean Six Sigma Certificate. Start with our free introductory course through to our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course.

We believe in learning by doing so in these courses you’ll learn through live webinars, engaging video lessons, hands-on-activities, sharing insights and collaborating with others. Gain a fresh perspective that will expand your problem-solving capability, challenge the current and push to deliver bold new ways of working. Building Lean Six Sigma skills challenge the way we think and the way we work

Once you complete your training, progress towards our Advanced Lean Masterclass and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.


Online webinars where we cover the key topics, discuss activities and projects. Recorded webinars are available

Online Learning

Gain access to our learning portal for further videos and other interactive modules.

Online Colloboration

Get access to our Slack network to share your insights, experiences and collaborate with others.

Daily Nugget

Receive daily nuggets to help drive faster learning and hands-on-activities to bring the material to life.

Support & Mentors

Access a range of coaches and mentors through the support network to gain expertise across industries


Receive your Foundation of Lean Six Sigma Certificate (equivalent to LSS Green Belt) once you complete the Insights in Lean Thinking and Driving Forward Change courses.

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Lean Masterclass Series

Introduction to Lean
A course dedicated to learning how to apply the Lean approach to thrive in the modern business world. Learn the tools, tips and our brilliant basic approach to driving successful changes and managing projects.

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Our Lean Masterclass
Get Started in Lean Six Sigma! Gain a practical understanding of the Lean Six Sigma approach through our Foundations in Lean Six Sigma Certificates with Yellow and Green Belt certification. Check out the courses today and begin your career transformation.

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Meet Your Instructor

Learn from Reagan Pannell, LeanScape Founder

Reagan believes that while theory can be taught, the real challenge comes from driving change and taking people on a journey. The Lean Masterclass Series has been designed to do both.

Reagan has over 12 years of experience being involved in change and change-management programs across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Lean is much more than just tools and techniques to make things more efficient, it’s a mindset, an approach to both the way we organize and run companies but also the choices we take in our personal life as well.


Click the questions below for more information. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, email us at masterclass@leanscape.io

What is the Lean Masterclass Series?

Our Lean Masterclasses are online schools where anyone can unlock their problem-solving capabilities and learn to solve complex problems through Lean Six Sigma. Across the world today from large corporations through to NGO’s, public sector, small to medium-sized business, there are no shortages of challenges to tackle. At LeanScape, we believe that applying Lean Six Sigma can help solve these challenges and provide benefits across all sectors. We use these techniques every day and hope you will too.

Gain a practical understanding of the Lean Six Sigma approach and methodology through the Lean Masterclass training programs. Earn recognised certificates at each level of your training. Our Lean Masterclass workshops are action oriented and you will learn my seeing, trying, sharing and reflecting on the key tools, methods and change management challenges we all face.

You will gain the foundational skills and mindset of Lean Six Sigma and be able to identify and deconstruct problems to deliver sustainable solutions through the concepts and methods.

How do I sign up and pay for this course?

This course is delivered by Thinkific, our training partner platform. Please follow the instructions on their site once you have registered.

If your company is sponsoring you and you need an invoice, please email masterclass@leanscape.io

How do I purchase more than one seat for a team?

We currently require learners looking to purchase more than one seat for the Foundations of Lean Six Sigma Certificate to let us know by emailing masterclass@leanscape.io and we will take care of the process of payment and enrolling you.

Do I need previous Lean Six Sigma experience?

The Lean Masterclass Series offers Lean Six Sigma training at all levels. Each course published on www.leanscape.thinkific.com clearly shows any prerequisite. But don’t worry, all courses are available online.

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