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“… Managers should be so engaged with the shop floor, that they have to wash their hands at least three times a day” – Taiichi Ohno – Gemba Gembutsu

The 12th Principle Lean is a challenge to all managers out there to leave their comfort zone and go to where the customer value is created (Gemba Gembutsu).

All too often, we all make decisions without really understanding what is going on. We make decisions based on limited information and without really understanding the heart of the issues are people are facing.

Lean challenges us to “go and see” for yourself so that you can truly understand what is happening and how you can best help solve the issue at hand. We all make too many poor decisions based on limited information because we don’t find time to learn for ourselves.

It is not easy, and we are all guilty of being far too busy being busy. 

As said, Lean even has a term for it – Gemba Gembutsu – go to where the value is created!

So you have to ask yourself a few questions. Who is creating the value that our customers desire? And where is that value being created? Wherever you find this place, this is where you and other managers should be spending their time to truly understand how they can create more value by making the right decision.

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