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Tangible return on investment

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Developing critical skills to improve process efficiencies, optimise resources with customer value at the core

  • Tangible Return on Investment

    Our consultancy services are directly linked to a tangible return on investments either through specific consultancy projects or a wider team training with project-based returns.

  • Managerial skills for the new landscape of business

    The meta-skill of being able to deconstruct a problem at hand, to identified opportunities within processes and test new ways of doing, thinking and behaving is essential for future business leaders.

  • Development of Leaders, Not Certificates

    The full potential of the Lean approach is found beyond qualifications and financial returns but in the long-term transformation mindset of your employees. We provide full mentoring and support to move for learning to the wisdom in practice.

The one constant is change

Delivering strong returns to help companies grow

Applying the lean approach helps business improve process efficiencies, allocate the right precious resource and deliver increased customer value. The result of these capacities are organisations that are lean in their resources, and adaptive in their mindset.

We use your real-life projects and bespoke training to deliver long-term returns

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Example returns delivered to our clients across a wide range of sectors and services

  • $10M Cost Improvement

    A total of $10M in year savings were identified through a company-wide lean six sigma program with a total of 3 training sessions and 35 candidates

  • $1.5M Productivity Improvement

    By modeling demand and optimizing resource requirements a 30% improvement in productivity was identified for leading UK financial institute.

  • $50K in Stock Reduction

    The introduction of a Just In Time stock management system saved a company over $50K from a single Green Belt Project in 3 months.

  • $125K Savings identified via Preventative Maintenance

    One candidate identified a over $100K by introducing a preventative maintenance program for key machinery

  • $70K Saving due to reduction in process time

    A single Green Belt candidate reduced the process cycle time by 65% for a government application process saving 10 days of delays.

  • $4M Delivered through Employee Suggestion Scheme

    With an introduction of a tested employee engagement scheme, over $4M of savings were identified across a business in the Middle East.

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“The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we don’t recognize.”

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